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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Square 1 Art is COMING SOON!

Welcome Back! Here's what we've been up to...

I cannot believe that Cycle 1 of art is over, and we are on to Cycle 2! We have completed the artwork for the Square 1 Art Fundraiser, so you can expect to receive order forms and “Squickers” at the beginning of November. Your participation in the fundraiser is crucial to the art supply budget. Thank you so much for your prior support, and I hope you are looking forward to seeing your what your child has created this year! Remember — 45% or more participation earns us a bonus!
Cycles 1 & 2 of art focused on the concept of line and shape, two art elements that are identified as core course objectives. 

Mandalas, and their use of line and shape, were the focus of our first project. Next, students built on what they learned last year about the concept of perspective, or creating a 3D image on a 2D surface. Students practiced extreme perspective by learning about foreshortening, a tool that artists use to create depth and three-dimensionality in their work.

Students learned about 1-point perspective through the use of a horizon line and vanishing point to make two-dimensional shapes into three-dimensional forms. They used this new skill to draw their initials in perspective. Symmetry was the focus of our shape lessons.

The concept of contour line, or the outline around an object, was studied by third graders. Students explored contour line through an observational drawing of a fruit as it is eaten. Next, students studied how geometric shapes can be used to create more complex objects through the study of the artwork of Paul Klee.

Movement through line was the focus of second grade’s line projects. They studied the artist Keith Haring and learned about gesture drawing.  For shape, students studied the difference between organic and geometric shapes and created an “Onster” using these shapes.

First graders learned how line shows direction through the study of the terms vertical or standing line, horizontal or sleeping, and diagonal or leaning line. Students completed two different projects to help them master this concept. Next, students used geometric shapes to create more complex patterns and designs.

KINDERGARTEN students learned the ropes of the art room and practiced using tools. They have studied scissors and cutting and will be moving on to glue. Additionally, students learned about the different kinds of lines that exist. They “walked the lines”, sang about lines, and drew some lines.
Next cycle, students will be combining their knowledge of shape and line and using it to learn about pattern.

Lastly, thank you all for the $1.00 donation for storage portfolios! 

Sending creative thoughts,
Mrs. DiSalle 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fifth Grade Rope Basket Weaving

Most recently, the fifth graders have been studying pattern and learning to make Navajo rope baskets. They have done a tremendous job and have really enjoyed the experience. Each basket is a unique piece of art!

The SHAPE of things to come...

After their study of line, students in all grade levels studied shape. Here are some examples from that unit:

What's been going on in the art room this year?

There has been a lot going on in the art room this year! We have been getting used to our new environment and creating some amazing works of art! Here is a quick peek at what we have been working on!

Third graders learned about contour line. They read the book Howard and the Purple Crayon and created a new environment for Harold. Then, they learned about observational drawing and drew the contour of a piece of fruit:

Fourth graders studied one-point perspective:

Fifth graders studied the concept of foreshortening:

Kindergarten learned about different kinds of lines. They made a variety of projects, met the Bananas in Pajamas and made portraits of them:

Second grade learned how line showed movement by studying the artist Keith Haring and creating artwork in his style: