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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Choice-based Projects

Students at all levels are applying the skills that they have learned through must-do art projects to projects of their own creation:

Primary Color Cardinals

Kindergarteners learned about primary colors and 
brought a taste of spring into the winter background:

Form in First Grade

Students in grade one studied the monumental sculptures of artist Claes Oldenburg, and then created one of their own:

Kindergarten Pattern Snowmen

During their study of pattern, kindergarteners created color pattern scarves on these super cute snowmen:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Youth Art Month in Boston

Congratulations to the following students whose artwork was chosen to be on display at the Youth Art Month Exhibit in the Transportation Building in Boston!

Joshua D.

Grade 1:
Sosi H.

Grade 2:
David M.

Grade 3:
Caleb G.

Grade 4:
Natalie C.

Grade 5:
Hannah P.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rotations 3 & 4: Pattern

Students in all grade levels learned about pattern in rotations 3 & 4. 
Students used patterns for drawings, prints, sculptures, and weavings.

Grade 5: Navajo Pouch and Rope Weaving

Pouch Weaving:

Rope Weaving:

 GRADE 4: Printmaking and Color Study inspired by Andy Warhol and Laurel Burch

Students at work:

Final products:

GRADE 3: Frank Stella Paper Sculpture and Radial Weaving

Frank Stella Paper Sculptures:

Radial Weavings:

GRADE 2: Complementary Color Op Art & Ojo de Dios

Complementary Color Op Art:

Ojo de Dios:

GRADE 1: Romero Britto Pumpkins and Kente Cloth Paper Weaving

Romero Britto Pumpkins:

Kente Cloth inspired paper weavings:

KINDERGARTEN: Pattern Hot Cocoa Mugs